Dewalt Power Stack Battery Technology | Impact On Power Tools

Dewalt Power Stack Battery Technology

From the beginning of using power tools, users often get the corded ones that make their lives easier and more comfortable. But as time went on, cordless power tools changed the game with the same power and efficiency. In case you’re wondering how? Then look closer, and you’ll find a bunch of heavy-duty batteries and technologies that pack with more improved and versatile qualities. 

Furthermore, since there is a growing number of manufacturers coming with their latest technologies, your cordless workstation will also upgrade with the flow. So, as Milwaukee introduced their M18 Fuel, TORO came with their 60-volt battery, Makita, and Greenworks, every brand is going behind in innovation and efficiency, why will Dewalt lag behind in the race? Well, Dewalt has recently changed their battery lineup with the new “POWERSTACK battery technology,” a true game-changer for all your cordless job demands. 

Dewalt Power Stack Battery Technology

Dewalt Power Stack Battery Technology is one of the biggest changes in Dewalt’s battery lineup. Adopting new technology and battery-making methods, Dewalt has developed the lightest, most compact, yet most powerful battery in its history. This Power Stack battery delivers award-winning performance with breakthrough technology, giving you reliable, consistent energy with extra runtime. So here is the article on Dewalt Power Stack Battery Technology – Impact on Power Tools, just for you.

Dewalt Power Stack Battery Technology

Part: 1

As the complexity of battery packs is increasing flawlessly, Dewalt thought to change the traditional way of making their batteries, and they did. Dewalt POWERSTACK battery technology, a battery pack with massive changes, is designed with stacked pouch battery cells instead of cylindrical cells. DeWalt claims PowerStack batteries and technology provide more power with the lightest and smaller facilities. This PowerStack technology uses five lithium-ion polymer pouches, which look a lot like a stack of smartphone-like cells protected in an armored battery housing.

This new Dewalt PowerStack battery DCBP034 has a 1.7amp-hour capacity. When you compare the DEWALT 18650 cell-based 2.0 amp-hour DCB203 pack to the PowerStack DCBP034, you’ll get 50 percent more power, 15 percent lighter, and 25 percent more compact housing than the 2.0 amp-hour pack, so the PowerStack truly comes out on top. DeWalt also claims the PowerStack technology has twice the charge cycle lifespan than their 2.0 amp-hour pack. 

Part: 2

Well, besides the substantial energy output, everyone looks for the size. To keep that in mind, Again, the Dewalt PowerStack battery comes in a 25 percent more compact size to maximize space in your toolbox and gets into tough spots around your job site. In addition, the 1.7 amp-hour PowerStack battery is designed to optimize with Dewalt’s more compact 20-volt Atomic tools like 2-speed drills. Moreover, its impact drivers, compact circular saw, router, and all 20-volt tools make them more compact. 

Part: 3

After discussing all the qualities, people got a question about the price. Is the new technology worth the buck? Will it be capable of bringing out more power in real-world use, or will it be more advantageous as a compact solution with the lightest design? As Dewalt says, the POWERSTACK battery will deliver award-winning performance with breakthrough technology; it clears all the consequences on the pricing. Dewalt compact battery and starter kit can cost 149 dollars, to 179 dollars, which can be a good deal for you.

According to pro tool Reviews, Dewalt released the PowerStack battery technology at the beginning of December 2021 and planned to continue its global roll-out through Spring of 2022. So, if you’re up to purchasing it, then make sure to go on Amazon and get your desired package. 

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the latest and innovative Dewalt PowerStack battery will let you work in even tighter spaces than before and allows you to work overhead even easier without contending a heavyweight battery. So, that was all about the Dewalt Power Stack Battery Technology – Impact on Power Tools just for you.

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