Thinking of Upgrading Your Lawn Mower? The Key Differences Between 40v and 60v

Lawn Mower 40v and 60v

Are you looking to upgrade your lawn mower but unsure whether to go with a 40v or 60v model? With the wide range of cordless electric mowers available today, the choice between 40v and 60v can be confusing. 

In this article, we’ll outline the key differences between 40v and 60v lawn mowers so you can determine which voltage best suits your lawn care needs. We’ll compare power, runtime, deck sizes, features, and more so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next cordless electric mower. You’ll also find recommendations on top 40v and 60v mower models on the market. Let’s dig in and break down the voltage differences!

Key Differences Between 40v and 60v Mowers

When it comes to cordless electric lawn mowers, two common battery voltages you’ll see are 40v and 60v. But what exactly sets these mower classes apart? There are some important distinctions to be aware of when deciding between 40v and 60v.

Power and performance

60v mower models are equipped with higher-voltage batteries that deliver more power and improved performance compared to 40v mowers. The extra voltage results in faster cutting speeds, increased torque, and the ability to power through thick, wet grass with less bogging down. 60v mowers are a better choice if you have a larger yard or thicker grass.

Lawn Mower 40V
Lawn Mower 60V

Battery life and runtime

Higher voltage 60v batteries generally have longer run times per charge than lower voltage 40v batteries. A 60v mower will typically run for 60-90 minutes on a single charge depending on use, while 40v mowers average 30-45 minutes. More voltage means longer runtimes from the same size battery.

Deck sizes available

40v mowers commonly have deck sizes of 18-21 inches, while 60v mower decks go up to 24 inches. The higher voltage of 60v models allows for powering larger cutting decks that 40v systems may struggle with. Large mowing decks are more commonly found with 60v mowers.

Features and capabilities

Higher-end 60v mowers boast more advanced features like self-propulsion, all-wheel drive, and attachments like leaf blowers you can swap out using the same battery. These features are less common in 40v models. 60v mowers provide greater versatility and capability.

Cost Considerations

When deciding between 40v and 60v mowers, keep in mind that 60v models typically cost $100-$250 more upfront than 40v due to larger batteries and more robust components. However, factoring in the longer runtime, reduced maintenance, and increased lifespan of a 60v mower, the higher initial investment can pay off long-term for homeowners with larger yards.

60v mowers utilize higher voltage batteries that unlock important performance advantages
60v mowers utilize higher voltage batteries that unlock important performance advantages

Why are 60v Lawn Mowers Better than 40v Lawn Mowers? 

When trying to decide between a 40v or 60v cordless electric lawn mower, it’s important to understand the key benefits you’ll get from choosing the more powerful 60v voltage option. If you have a large lawn, thick grass, hills, or want advanced features and longer runtime, going with a 60v mower can make lawn care and mowing significantly easier.

60v mowers utilize higher voltage batteries that unlock important performance advantages over standard 40v models. In this article, we’ll overview the main benefits of 60v lawn mowers compared to 40v to help you choose the best voltage option for your yard and mowing needs.

  • More power – 60v mowers have up to 20% more power from the higher voltage battery, resulting in faster blade speeds and torque. This allows you to power through thick, wet grass more efficiently.
  • Better performance on hills – The extra torque of a 60v mower makes it easier to maintain speed and momentum when mowing up and down slopes. Less stopping and slowing down.
  • Longer runtime – 60v batteries generally provide 50-100% more runtime versus an equally sized 40v battery. You can mow larger areas on one charge.
  • Wider cutting decks – 60v mowers can better handle larger 21-24 inch decks, while 40v mowers max out at around 21 inches. Bigger decks get the job done faster.
  • Quieter operation – The more efficient brushless motors used in 60v mowers generate less noise and vibration during use.
  • Self-propulsion – Most 60v mowers have self-propelled rear or all-wheel drive. This makes mowing effortless compared to always pushing a 40v mower.
  • More advanced features – 60v mowers offer extra features like LED headlights, battery power indicators, and attachments.
  • Better uphill bagging – The extra power can allow 60v mowers to collect clippings on hills better than weaker 40v models.

By understanding the meaningful benefits you get with a 60v lawn mower, you can determine if it’s the right voltage choice for your yard maintenance needs.

When to Consider 40v Instead?

While 60v mowers have clear advantages, 40v models can still be a good option under certain circumstances:

  • Smaller yards under 1/4 acre – A 40v mower will have enough power and runtime for quick mowing sessions.
  • Tight budgets – If you have a strict budget, a 40v mower can save you at least $100 upfront.
  • Less demanding conditions – For manicured lawns with minimal hills or obstacles, a 40v mower should suffice.
  • Light, occasional mowing – If you just need to maintain a small lawn weekly or bi-weekly, a 40v mower should meet your needs.
  • Less features needed – If you don’t need extras like self-propulsion or attachments, a basic 40v model will do the job.
Lawn Mower 40V
Lawn Mower 40V

The lower voltage and power of 40v mowers make them ideal for smaller suburban yards without lots of challenges to overcome. If your needs are modest, opting for an affordable 40v mower may be the way to go. Just be aware of their limitations compared to 60v models.

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Frequently Asked Question :

Q: What is the main advantage of a 60v mower over a 40v? 

A: The higher voltage 60v battery provides up to 20% more power and 50-100% longer runtime per charge compared to 40v.

Q: Do 60v mowers have faster blade speeds than 40v models? 

A: Yes, 60v mowers can deliver up to 30% faster blade speeds due to higher motor torque from increased voltage.

Q: Can a 40v mower cut thick, tall grass as efficiently as a 60v mower?

A: No, the more powerful 60v motor is better equipped to handle thick grass without bogging down compared to lower voltage 40v models.

Q: Are wider cutting deck sizes available with 60v mowers?

A: Yes, 60v mowers commonly offer larger 21-24 inch cutting decks, while 40v mowers max out around 20-21 inches.

Q: Do 60v mowers perform better at bagging clippings on hills?

A: Yes, the extra torque and power of 60v motors improves uphill bagging performance compared to 40v models.

Q: Do 60v mowers have more advanced features than 40v models?

A: Yes, 60v mowers often add features like self-propulsion, LED lights, and attachments not found on basic 40v mowers.

Q: Is a 60v mower worth the higher price over an entry-level 40v?

A: For larger yards with thicker grass, hills, or frequent mowing needs, the benefits of 60v can justify the higher initial cost.

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