EGO POWER+ 765 CFM Blower Review | The Most Powerful Leaf Blower In the World!

EGO POWER+ 765 CFM Blower

When it comes to power, performance, durability, and value, Ego is pushing the boundaries of the industry. Established in 1993, Ego has been paving the way with smarter systems and its unparalleled POWER+ platform. In addition, Ego frequently adds the best-in-class tools to this platform. For example, the Ego Power+ 765 CFM blower is claimed to be the world’s most powerful leaf blower. Even professional tool reviewers agreed that this is the strongest battery-powered leaf blower they used. So in this article, we are going to highlight all of the key features of the Ego Power+ leaf blower and let you know if it is actually worthy of the title or not. 

Ego Power+ 765 CFM Blower

Ego has done something truly exceptional with the Power+ 765 CFM blower. It has combined the portability of a battery-powered blower with the power of a gas-powered blower, which is a feat on its own. If that is appealing to you, then you should go ahead and check out this blower regardless. With that said, let’s dive into the technical aspects. 


  • Airspeed: 260-580 CFM (765 CFM on Turbo Mode)
  • Run Time: 90 minutes (on average)
  • Battery: 5.0 Ah ARC Lithium battery
  • Protection: Weather-resistant construction
  • Variable Speed Trigger: Yes

Blowing Power

The Ego leaf blower is over 15% more powerful than any other handheld blower in the market with its 765 CFM and 200 miles per hour of airspeed. The blower boasts turbine fan engineering and is inspired by advanced aeronautics technology. What’s impressive is that, despite running on batteries, it performs way better than most premium gas-powered models and offers power that no other brand can currently match! This has proved that the concept of gas-powered tools being superior to battery-powered tools is not relevant anymore. 

EGO POWER+ 765 CFM Blower


But just having excellent performance is not enough, as regulating the power output is also crucial. Luckily, you can adjust the blowing speed of the Ego Power+ depending on the objects you need to clear. This tool has a variable speed trigger that introduces a redesigned cruise control dial for consistent blowing. To be more specific, you can use the dial to change the airspeed between 260 and 580 CFM, which offers you excellent control over this mini tempest generator.

Battery and Runtime

Now it’s time to answer what everyone has been wondering about – how long does it actually run? Compared to its competitors, this blower is not only the most powerful blower on the market, but it also offers a great battery backup. The Ego Power+ leaf blower features a 56-volt 5.0 Amp-hour ARC lithium battery that can blow leaves for a maximum of 90-minutes with a single charge, which is able to deal with wide exteriors and patios without having to be recharged over and over again.

EGO POWER+ 765 CFM Blower
Battery and Runtime


Great power comes from great motors. Following that, this cordless leaf blower is equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor that delivers low vibrations and extended motor life. Moreover, the Power+ is impressively quiet during operation. Aside from that, there’s also a turbo mode that is capable of blowing away heavy debris, including wet leaves, rocks, mud, etc.

EGO POWER+ 765 CFM Blower

Design and Other Features

Finally, let’s take a moment to talk about the design. Most blowers are fairly basic when it comes to their construction and ergonomics. However, the Power+ leaf blower comes with a robust build quality that is also weather-resistant. So, you won’t need to worry about water or dust getting inside of it. Not just that, its ergonomic design ensures superb balance and user comfort for hassle-free operation, making every cleaning task a piece of cake. 

Wrapping Up

To sum things up, this lightweight yet compact blower is worthy of the title of ‘the world’s most powerful leaf blower’ as it features unmatched performance, comfort, and convenience. So, if you have an old blower lying around that you want to replace, then the EGO POWER+ 765 CFM Blower is an excellent choice as it is not only powerful, but also does not produce too much noise, fuss, or fumes. 

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