IKOVWUK Laser Level Review | Most Affordable Laser Level?

IKOVWUK Laser Level

Today, we’ll discuss the most versatile laser level you’ve seen so far! As an established brand for more than ten years, IKOVWUK strives to provide customers with the best products in the tool industry. And this Laser Level is no exception. So now we will talk about all the features and benefits this tool comes with. At first glance, you’ll see a nicely padded case where this bad boy and other stuff are staying separately.

An instruction booklet, we’ll come to it later. This is a magnetic mount bracket to mount it onto a tripod. And this is a target that makes it easily visible when you’re working on different backgrounds, nice! Well, what’s this? Oh, it’s a safety glass to keep your eyes safe from the green beams. And a USB cable for recharging the batteries. And here is our laser level; it’s not that heavy as well.


  • Working Range: Up to 65 ft (in diameter)
  • Leveling Accuracy: ±1/8″ @33 ft.
  • Automatic Leveling Range: ±3°
  • Working Time: 6.5 Hours (12 lines)
  • Laser Type: LD green/12-line
  • Working Range: Radius 32.8 ft. (indoor)
  • Weight: 1.36 lbs.


First thing first, this is an automatic leveling tool, but it also has a manual mode. It works very well with one 360-degree horizontal and two 360-degree vertical green beam transmitters, and you can easily control this tool with the buttons here on top. The automatic mode can be turned on with this button right here on the side. It will start beeping when you turn it on! See?? Now, it’s in automatic mode. At that moment, when it won’t be able to auto-leveling, it’ll let you know by beeping continuously!

This tool has a working range of up to 65 feet in pulse mode, and the green beams are twice as bright as the red beams. So larger area measuring is no more a headache with this laser level. And even if you’re meeting bright daylight, you won’t have to go the extra mile. Plus, you can cycle through the buttons and get a full 360-degree reference mark for your installations. While on auto level mode, you need to simply press the top button and hold it for some seconds. Now, you can aim this anywhere to project the inclines. 


You don’t have to worry about the accuracy, as it provides more-or-less one-by-8-inches accuracy at 33 feet, and the automatic leveling range is 3 degrees. Aside from that, you can adjust the brightness of the beams according to your needs.

When you have to do levels in a room where there’s no option for mounting, the one by 4-inch- 20 thread hole of the tool comes in, so you can attach it with your tripod like the camera, adjust the height, click on the button and you’re good to go!

IKOVWUK Laser Level

Battery And Construction

We are sure you’ll be amazed by its service time. Yes, this laser level is equipped with a 5200-milliamp-hour rechargeable battery that will allow you to use it for up to 7 hours, which means you can jump from job to job without charging it back and forth.

We probably missed some things. Oh! The construction, no wonder you may have already known how durable this tool is! The ergonomic design, and super-handy appearance, make it perfect for everyday use. And top of that, the IP54 dust and water resistance rating will provide you full confidence to go through tough and messy situations.

With a weight of 1.36 pounds, this laser level is easy to carry and won’t take any effort to use for prolonged hours. Although you will never gonna use it by carrying it in your hands because mostly it’s gonna remain mounted on a metal bar or on a tripod.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have reached the bottom line of the discussion on the IKOVWUK Laser Level. From a DIY enthusiast to a pro, everyone who meets leveling tasks regularly and want the best way to do that, this IKOVWUK is going to be a worthy buy, indeed. Want to have one of these today? you’ll find the link in the description below.

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