Bostitch vs Porter-Cable | Battle For Air Compressor Supremacy

Bostitch vs Porter-Cable

Bostitch and Porter-Cables are two of the most popular power tool brands with head-to-head combat. They always bring the overall best features in their tools to win over the trend. This means, their power tools provide the best quality, power, and accuracy altogether.

Ever got curious to know who is actually better than another between Bostitch and Porter-Cable? Today we will compare these power tools head to head and look into their history, products, pros, and cons to reach a point where we can say who is unique in which aspects.

History Of Bostitch and Porter-Cables

Bostitch and Porter-Cables have top-notch reputations for their inventions. Their tools have served general consumers as well as professionals for many generations. Bostitch started their journey with fastener tools in 1896, as of today, their reach has been widespread to a range of tools. Bringing the best performance in staples, nail guns, and other things, they have branched into other areas successfully.

Porter Cables, on the other hand, was not so late either in arriving as Bostitch. In 1906 they began manufacturing hand tools, which led them to make power tools eventually as one of the pioneers. Hence, they are quite the sport of cordless saws and sanders.

Who Provides The Best Products?

Since the beginning, Bostitch was an outperformer in fastening tools as their expertise! So we have got a variety of high-performing nail guns, staples, and air compressors from them. Plus, their adaptive quality can take care of different types of applications.

Porter-Cables also made a huge name in the fastening tools category, but they also created a huge impact with their oscillating tools, joiner, or power drills. It’s not that Porter-Cable is more proficient for its wide selection of tools as nowadays both of them make tools almost similar in specs.

But there are some unique characteristics in their tools. For example, Bostitch focuses on the professionals as we see their positive reviews on the industrial tools. On the other hand, Porter-Cable tries to reach the end-users, as their tools are more user-friendly in terms of operational advantages.

How To Know The Aspects?

Although it is improper to say which kinds of users they prioritize because every company makes products so that everyone can use them no matter what. However, we can simply run a comparison to find out exactly who meets the criteria of which tools.

As the morning can tell how the day goes, let’s compare two of their air compressor kits from Bostch and Porter Cable to know their competent users.

Bostitch BTFP3KIT 3-Tool Portable Combo Kit

This Bostitch air compressor comes with a 6 gallons tank and 150 pounds per square inch pressure capacity, which is powerful for most industrial jobs. And you can use a brad, finish, and staple nailer with a 15-foot long hose. In addition, they stand up to all the possible abuse you could do with them, which makes them extremely durable. So clearly, this air compressor is made for pro-grade work.

Porter-Cable PCFP12234 3-Tool Combo Kit

Moreover, even though the Porter-Cable air compressor comes just like the Bostitch air compressor with similar specs, they have a 25 feet hose which is much longer than Bostitch.

This compressor is made for home or garage use because, in a factory, you have portable power sources. However, in-home, your outlets are fixed, and a longer hose allows you more accessibility at work. Then, looking at the size, Bostitch is smaller as you need more portability in worksites, whereas Porter-Cable is larger, making it more convenient for irregular use. Also, it is less durable in the build compared to the Bostitch.

So, observing the few details, we can run a wild guess that Bostitch is more professional and durable than Porter-Cable, but this result comes from the air compressors category, and it does not make one brand better than another brand. Because they both produce a variety of tools lined up, the performance and features can be reversed in many cases. Hence, it will be wise to follow recommendations and buying guides of specific products rather than being confused about particular brands.

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