Track Saw Vs Table Saw | Which One Should You Have?

Track Saw Vs Table Saw

Woodcutting work is often tedious and time-consuming work. In addition, a single distraction can cause severe damage. While making an inaccurate cut, a small mistake can cause a huge hamper to your ongoing project. However, with recent innovations in power tools, corded or cordless power saws are becoming more and more popular.

They are powerful enough to make your woodwork efficient and smooth without much physical effort. Among the power saws, Track saw, and a Table saw are the first choice for any craftsman’s work. Even though Track Saws and Table Saws differ in many features, they both make cutting work smoother and more efficient. Hence, choosing one is often tricky.

So in this article, we’re going to break down the fundamental difference between the Track Saw vs. Table Saw to identify the ideal one to match your woodworking needs. Before we get into the differentiating factor, let’s know what Track Saw and Table Saw are.

Track Saw

Tracks saws are an upgraded version of circular saw that utilizes a track that sticks to the material you are cutting through. This track lets you take a straight cut by pushing the saw along the railing track. They are convenient for cutting long sheets into small pieces to obtain your required size and complete your work.

Table Saw

On the other hand, the Table saw is completely opposite to what a track saw is. The saw is fixed in the middle of a table, and you can adjust the blade’s height to get your preferred depth cut. They are very versatile for making longer cuts while staying fixed to a position. All you need to do is adjust blade depth according to the width of your material, attach to the roll bar, and push it through the running blade, and your work gets done eventually.

Now that we know what the track and table saws are and how they work let’s discuss the differentiating factors between these two work tools.

Sheet Good Cutting

When you plan to cut a wood board of width around 3 or 4 inches, it’s most certainly too heavy to carry and cut through a table saw. For that specific purpose, a Track Saw has the upper hand as you can carry it around, place it in your designated place and rip that off. The same goes for larger and longer wooden posts as well. Hence, For cutting high-width and longer sheet goods, a Track saw is more convenient.

Repeatable Rip Cuts

Sometimes Jobsite requires repeatable rip cuts to complete projects. Think about it; if you use a track saw, you will eventually need to set the trackpad each time and reset the whole setup. Not convenient, right? Hence, Table Saw has a better grasp of this type of cutting. All you need is to set the width and go through the same process repeatedly on the same setup until you get your desired amount of wood piece. So, in terms of Repeatable Rip Cuts, the Table Saw offers you the most convenient solution.

Angled Cuts

Sometimes we require angled or specific dimensional cuts for completing personal projects like custom work tables, furniture, and so on. Unfortunately, a table saw can never provide you the flexibility to line up a long angle or dimensional cut on a table saw. Hence, the retriable Track Saw can ease your access to the place, adjust the saw guide, and make the perfect cut across the angle of a wood board. In short, the Track Saw makes angle cuts smooth and efficient.

Track Saw Vs Table Saw

Jobsite Factor

The work environment plays a vital role in getting the right cutting saw. For instance, if you have a large workspace to accommodate a large table saw, lengthy work materials, and much more; then a Table Saw is the best choice. This is because they can effortlessly take out any cutting work. But the problem arises when you have a workplace that needs to store a lot of stuff apart from just a saw. Then a compact Track Saw can do the trick by making your cutting work smoother without covering additional space. So the idea of the right one depends on your workplace’s capacity.

Besides, Jobsite’s location also plays a vital factor here. When you work on custom build projects, you reach remote places to carry out the task. As Table Saws are bulky and spacious, carrying them to that place brings out additional hassle. In order to enjoy a hassle-free work environment, a Track Saw is just the tool you need. You can cut the bigger ones into small pieces by using the track saw.

Based on the Jobsite location or workstation’s space, you can choose between the Track Saw and Table Saw. To sum up, both Track saw and Table saw offer incomparable benefits. However, the right choice depends on what purpose you want to accomplish. For example, if you own a spacious workstation and can store all the materials, the Table Saw is just the tool you need. The table saw is versatile enough to let you cut various materials.

However, when you are always on the go or your job sites are mostly in remote areas, a portable and powerful Track Saw is your perfect companion. So the best decision is to get both of them and ensure that you never run out of work.

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