Painting Tips And Techniques | How To Get Started Painting Your Home?

Painting Tips And Techniques

Professional painters make Painting flawless and polished. Although the task might look quite simple, it is not all about slapping paints on the wall, as a finished work requires more techniques and effort. Luckily, Painting is not rocket science either, which is hard to learn or can be performed by professionals only. It takes nothing but some simple steps that let you paint like a professional painter and make it a fun activity that saves you money. Now in this article, we will share some simple yet effective tips & techniques that you can use to paint your home just the way you desire.

Ensure Your Surface Is Clean

To achieve a precise painting finish over the interior, you first need to prepare the surface properly. Because Over time, our wall gets filled with scratches, dents, and dams which look ugly. In the meantime, if you directly paint on the surface without cleaning, you will not get the accurate finish you usually want. To clean up your wall, you can use a high-quality filler and a putty knife which helps you to polish all the cracks, scratches, dents, or holes.

Painting Tips And Techniques
First Clean Your Surface

Then you can use sandpaper over the surface because it makes the surface rough so that paint can perfectly stick with your wall and stay for a long time.

Tape The Edge Off

It’s hard to paint in a perfect line if you are not a professional painter. As a solution, you can use blue painter’s tape to mask off your trim and ceiling carefully. You have to attach the blue printer’s tape carefully so that air bubbles don’t get inside and ensure you can get a perfectly straight line. If you are painting the whole wall, this tape will protect your ceiling from getting unwanted color and ensures perfect contrast for both ceiling and the wall.

Painting Tips And Techniques
Tape the Edge Off

Mix The Paint

When you are mixing paint, try to mix them all at a time. If you mix in the middle of applying, the difference may become noticeable, resulting in unwanted and unsightly color changes when it dries on your walls. If you need to cover a large area, you can use a bucket and roller screen rather than a roller tray.

Painting Tips And Techniques
Mix the Paint

Use Perfect Brush At the Perfect Time

While painting, a brush, and roller are gonna be your best friend. The roller helps you to paint walls in a faster and more efficient way, and by attaching a long handle, you can paint the ceiling quite easily. To avoid annoying splatters, don’t swell your roller too fast. On the other hand, you can use the brush to paint the edges because the roller can’t reach tight areas. Whenever you are painting with your brush, hold it like a pencil and paint as you are making a Picasso.

Painting Tips And Techniques

Paint the Trim First, Then The Ceiling and Walls

The moment you begin painting, start with the trim because it’s easier to mask off your trim with tape rather than cover the whole wall. To paint the trim, you don’t need to worry about trim paint getting into the wall because you can cover it later. After doing the trim, you should start painting the ceiling and, at last, the wall. Because if you paint the wall first, the ceiling color will surely drop on the already-painted wall. That’s why you must follow the trim, ceiling, and wall sequence. 

Painting Tips And Techniques
Paint the Trim First

Always Paint Top To Bottom, Big To Small

If you are a completely new painter, you may get confused about which portion you gonna start painting. The answer is, always start at the top of the surface. Because when you go the other way, you will drip the color all over the bottom portion, which you have already finished. As a result, all your hard work will go in vain. 

Painting Tips And Techniques
Always Paint Top to Bottom

Remove The Tape

When your paint dries up, Now it’s time to remove all the tapes you have put on the trim and ceiling. Usually, it takes 24 hours on average to dry off the paint on any wall. Before removing the tape, try to use a sharp utility knife or box cutter. But don’t try to remove the whole tape at a time because it may damage your finishing. 

Painting Tips And Techniques
Remove the Tape

Bottom Line

So, that was all about the Home Painting Tips and Techniques. Indeed, knowing some true effective painting tips can lead to the most satisfying end results. Hope you have enjoyed the article and found the tips helpful. Next time when you paint your home, Make sure you apply these tricks and surprise your friends and family with a perfect finish.

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