Dewalt Circular Saw vs Makita Circular Saw

Dewalt Circular saw vs Makita Circular saw

Dewalt vs Makita Circular saw is a common topic that professional carpenters often talk over. This article presents a detailed comparison of these two just for you.


A circular saw comes in handy when you’re on carpentry or construction projects. Some of the most common applications for a circular saw are cutting plywood sheets, timbers, hardwoods, and even plumbing pipes. However, the right circular saw gets your job done in the right manner by achieving the right accuracy. But how do you know which one has got the true form factors? When you check out the stores, you’ll often meet with the Dewalt and Makita circular saws. However, since both tool brands are in peak positions in the industry, professionals get confused about choosing between them. 

To provide a detailed glimpse of the expertise of both brands’ circular saws, we will compare the two most powerful cordless saws regarding their power, durability, and other elements. And we have picked up the Dewalt DCS578X1, and Makita GSH02Z for a head-to-head comparison of the Dewalt vs Makita circular saw. So go through the article till the end to get assured of which product will suit your demands! 

Cutting Speed And Power

Let’s start with the cutting speed and power of both tools. Dewalt DCS578X1 adopts the revolutionary Felxvolt technology with cordless convenience yet generates a no-load speed of up to 5800 RPM with 2456 unit watts of power, making it productive like any standard cordless circular saw. On the other hand, Makita GSH02Z equips their Makita-built brushless motor and delivers a maximum speed of 6000 RPM, letting you get a faster cutting experience. So we can’t pass over any of the saws as both are standing with approximately similar power. 

Dewalt DCS578X1


After power, the foremost part we need to discuss is the outcomes they offer. For example, the DCS578X1 includes a 7-quarter inch circular saw blade with a cutting depth of 2 and nine-sixteenth inches and has a maximum bevel capacity of 57 degrees to deal with any task with greater accuracy, even in the hardest of environments. In contrast, the GSH02Z features a 7-quarter inch and has a two and three-eighth-inch cutting capacity with up to 56-degree bevel capacity, meaning you can’t go wrong with either saw for sure. 

Battery And Runtime

Both circular saws run on their high-end battery line-up to ensure maximum productivity for the most demanding days! Packed with 40-volt Makita XGT batteries, the GSH02Z delivers constant energy till the last cut you make. On the other hand, the Dewalt circular saw delivers unmatched runtime and power with its 60-volt battery. So it’s a tie on the segment of battery efficiency of both saws. 

Makita GSH02Z

Price And Availability

Talking about the price and availability, both of these circular saws are available in their official stores, websites, and other prominent platforms. Surprisingly, the GSH02Z is a tool from Makita’s latest tool pipeline yet has a lesser price tag than the DCS578X1. But you can’t overlook any of them as they hold similar qualities to meet your daily needs. 

Other Features

Both of the tools have some additional features that take your task to another level of comfort. This Dewalt saw features an electric braking mechanism to stop the blade immediately. It comes with a built-in LED to increase visibility and has an integrated rafter hook for quick and easy storage. Alternately, the Makita circular saw also features electric braking and integrated LED to ensure maximum productivity. 

Final Verdict

That is all about Dewalt vs Makita. After all the discussion, we have reached the decision that both circular saws have some beneficial features that will meet your needs with almost the same qualities with a slight difference in the price tag. So you can pick the perfect option based on all the requirements you have and the qualities they got. 

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