Abranet vs Autonet | The Differences You Should Know About!

Abranet vs Autonet

Abranet and Autonet are net abrasive products developed by Mirka. These net abrasives are designed for net sanding while also keeping the environment dust-free. Along with Abranet and Autonet, Mirka offers a wide range of surface finishing and sanding solutions. But between Abranet vs Autonet, what is the main difference?

The short answer is – Both Abranet and Autonet are used for dust-free sanding. While Abranet is designed for sanding a wide variety of surface materials, Autonet is specially developed for the Automotive refinishing industry. Moreover, Abranet is a bit more expensive than Autonet.

So, these are the basic differences between Abranet and Autonet. But to choose the most suitable one for your project, we will need to dig more. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Abranet vs Autonet so that you can make a well-informed buying decision. But before that, let’s discuss the process of net sanding first.

Understanding Net Sanding

As we all know, sanding is basically the process of shaping or finishing a surface using abrasives like sandpaper. The process of net sanding is similar to regular sanding, but instead of using sandpapers, net abrasives are used.

Experts often recommend net sanding because net abrasives easily pass through the dust and keep themselves clog-free. As a result, you can work in a cleaner and healthier work environment. 

About Mirka Ltd.

Abranet vs Autonet
Photo Source: Mirka

Abranet and Autonet are produced and sold by Mirka Ltd. Since its inception in 1943 in Finland, the company has gained a reputation for its cutting-edge surface finishing technology. Its broad range of surface finishing and precision sanding products are available on its e-commerce website as well as on Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, and other online marketplaces.

Mirka believes in continuous innovations and developments in its product design and business practices. It always strives to come up with better solutions for its customers when it comes to finishing and sanding tools, abrasives, and polishes. In addition, Mirka prioritizes achieving economically and environmentally sustainable improvements in the surface finishing industry.

What Is Abranet?

Mirka introduced Abranet in 2000, and it soon became popular thanks to its innovative net structure and multifunctional nature. The net structure allows for on-tool dust removal, which not only promises more efficient sanding but also a clean work environment. 

Abranet’s net structure is made of polyamide fabric, which is designed to effectively resist dust piling and clogging. It is also an economical solution as it reduces your cleaning time and cost. In addition, the aluminum oxide grains of the original Abranet offer a quality finish as they have amazing cutting power and durability. The available grit ranges are P80-P180, P240, and P320-P1000.

Mirka offers seven types of Abranet products, including Abranet original, Abranet Soft, Abranet HD, Abranet Ace HD, Abranet Max, Abranet (newly patented in 2014), and Abranet Ace. Although Abranet products work best with Mirka power tools, they are compatible with other brands’ sanding tools as well.

The Abranet Soft features a thin foam layer, while the Abranet HD is designed for coarse and heavy-duty sanding. Abranet Ace products feature ceramic grains to use on demanding surfaces. Finally, the Abranet Max is the only sanding belt in the range.

Abranet vs Autonet

Pros And Cons Of Abranet

Now that you have a good idea about Abranet, let’s take a look at what are the advantages and disadvantages you can expect from it.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Minimizes abrasive marks on surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does a splendid job on almost any surface
  • Excellent durability 
  • Offers a dust-free sanding experience
  • Available in a broad grit range
  • Compatible with a broad range of sanding tool brands


  • More expensive than other alternatives on the market
  • The velcro hook attachment is not long-lasting in some cases

What Is Autonet?

Autonet is essentially a descendant of the original Abranet technology. It is a less flexible and heavier-duty version of Abranet. Autonet is specially developed to be used for automotive refinishing. Just like Abranet, it also offers dust-free sanding and a healthier work environment.

Autonet’s sanding surface is also made of polyamide fabric. Therefore, it minimizes dust piling and clogging. However, the polyamide fabric on Autonet is slightly heavier and stiffer than Abranet’s fabric to meet the unique demands of the automotive refinishing industry. Therefore, Autonet offers a finer finish than Abranet.

In addition, to make the abrasive product ready for heavy sanding, Mirka incorporated an improved hook-and-loop backing in Autonet. The grains are made of aluminum oxide, and the available grit ranges are P80, P120, P180, P240, P320, P400, P500, P600, and P800.

Although Autonet is developed for automotive, you can also use it on hardwood, steel, plaster, lacquers, plastics, primer, concrete, cast iron, etc. Just like Abranet, Autonet is compatible with Mirka and other brands of power tools.

Abranet vs Autonet

Pros And Cons Of Autonet

Below, we have summarized the benefits and drawbacks of using Autonet for net sanding. Have a look!


  • Offers a finer finish 
  • More affordable than Abranet
  • Suitable for surfaces other than automotive bodies
  • Excellent for heavy-duty sanding
  • Long-lasting and environmentally friendly
  • Keeps work environment clean
  • Better hook-and-loop attachment than Abranet


  • Available grit ranges are less than that of Abranet

Abranet vs Autonet: Which One Should You Pick?

To help you answer this question, we have summarized our discussion on Abranet vs. Autonet below.

GrainAluminum oxideAluminum oxide
BackingPolyamide fabricPolyamide fabric
Grit rangeP80-P180, P240, and P320-P1000P80, P120, P180, P240, P320, P400,P500, P600, and P800
VariantsAbranet original, Abranet Soft, Abranet HD, Abranet Ace HD, Abranet Max, Abranet (newly patented in 2014), and Abranet AceNone

When it comes to their core functions, Abranet and Autonet are very similar. Autonet is very similar to Abranet, but it is designed for automotive refinishing. However, Autonet is more affordable than Abranet. Also, it is suitable for heavier-duty applications. 

So, you can choose Autonet if you want an abrasive for automotive or other demanding surfaces. If you do not have such particular needs, go for Abranet. However, if you are looking for an overall sanding solution at the lowest cost, Autonet will be the best pick.

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