Milwaukee One-Key Tool Technology | Everything You Need To Know

Milwaukee One-Key

Imagine using an impact driver, wrench, or hammer drill while accessing dozens more driver modes, not just the four on the device itself, and all via an app on your phone. That’s exactly the vision Milwaukee had with their One-Key Tool control system. 

Milwaukee One-Key is made up of both hardware and software components. Through this One-Key system, Milwaukee is determined to give the users the ability to customize certain aspects of their tools, leading to faster, easier, more efficient work and excellent end results. Which eventually saves time, fatigue, and money.”

What Is Milwaukee One-Key, And How Does It Work?

Launched in 2015, Milwaukee One-Key is a cloud-based system and app. The hardware part of One-Key is built into every piece of power equipment and tool made by Milwaukee. You can manage, control and customize all of your Milwaukee tools by simply connecting them to the ONE-KEY web software.

Milwaukee One-Key

Here’s how Milwaukee’s one key smart tools allow you to customize each tool for faster, more efficient work.

Tool Control

Thanks to Tool Control, you can tailor your tools to your task. You can set specific speed and torque settings in the tool’s memory by wirelessly syncing your drills and impact drivers. With every trigger pull, the tool’s advanced electronics monitor its output, providing unequaled control and consistency. Another great advantage is that One-Key power tools don’t require a continual connection between your phone and the tool since changes to the settings or modes are made on the app and then transferred to the tool.

Inventory Management

One-key inventory management enables you to maintain all your tools and equipment in one location, even at different job sites. By designating locations and owners for each inventory item, ONE-KEYTM makes it simple and quick to get information. Moreover, for smaller devices that don’t easily lend themselves to a larger plastic battery-powered device, Milwaukee Asset ID tags. It enables you to track inventory more effectively.

Tool Security

The integrated tool security function offers excellent theft prevention along with tracking. With features like tool lock-out, it hides the tool from appearing on the screens of surrounding devices so that only you can know your tool is in range. If your tool is misplaced, stolen, or lost, you can disable it by remotely instructing it to turn off when it comes into proximity with any device using the one-key app. 

How To Set Up One Key Milwaukee?

Now that you know what Milwaukee One-Key is and what it does. It’s time to set this up.

Setting up Milwaukee One Key is easy

  1. First, download the app and set your name and email in the settings. Then sign in and start connecting to the One-Key compatible tools you have.
  2. The system registers a new tool by simply scanning for nearby tools, connecting to them, and automatically registering the tool type, serial number, and model number. 
  3. Then you can assign it a tool number and indicate where you bought it. The receipt can also be uploaded and stored on the cloud. It is simple to check out a tool from the tool crib, and you may mark it as returned, lost, or damaged after the work is over.

Can You Track Milwaukee Tools, And What Is The Tracking Distance?

Yes, you can track Milwaukee tools via One-Key. The tracking tags for equipment will provide location updates when it comes within 300 feet of any device with the ONE-KEY App, providing the last seen date, time, and location.

Milwaukee One-Key

GPS Tool Tracking

The Milwaukee One-Key app includes integrated tool tracking. Although the system connects to the app through Bluetooth, many users form a type of mesh network that enables tracking of equipment even when no battery is present. When you first install the Milwaukee One-Key app on your smartphone, you can enable these features.

Milwaukee Bluetooth Tracking Tag

This tracking tag works brilliantly for professional contractors needing to track and manage medium to high-value power tools, heavy equipment, generators, ladders and lifts, trailers, and even outdoor equipment like mowers, portable blowers, and trimmers.

Geofencing and Date-based Alerts

One-Key now supports geofencing. You may create a virtual border using geofencing technology. If your One-Key tool departs from that range, the One-Key app will notify you.

How To Disable Milwaukee One Key?

The new Milwaukee tools have a built-in one-key coin cell unit just under the battery compartment. You can just remove the coin cell battery of your Milwaukee tool to disable the functionality of One-Key completely.

Removing the coin cell battery from the One-Key-enabled Milwaukee power tool is simple. You just need tweezers to pull out the coin cell battery, and the One-Key will be disabled.

How Do I Know If My Milwaukee Tool Has One-Key?

Milwaukee One-Key

Launch the One-Key app on your mobile device, and an inventory screen will appear by default. Make sure the tool you’re testing is nearby and that Bluetooth is activated on your mobile phone. A menu of different kinds of items to add to your inventory will appear at the top of your screen, and if your tool is compatible with One-Key, it will populate on the screen below.

One-Key is a free app that can be used for Milwaukee’s existing tools, however, with the new line of M18 FUEL™ drill drivers, hammer drills, and compact impact drivers, you can unlock a whole new level of customization with the One-Key system. 

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