Omni Wall vs Wall Control | Detailed Comparison Of Two Pegboard

Omni Wall vs Wall Control

No one likes their tools and supplies scattered all over the place, especially if you’re trying to organize your tools in your home garage, workshop, or job site. That’s when you need a pegboard to keep all your tools and accessories neatly organized. And Omni Wall and Wall Control are two of the most popular wall pegboards available in the market. 

When it comes to keeping your tools and supplies in a central place and within reach, pegboards serve an important function. Omni Wall and Wall Control can both be installed on the wall of your workshop, garage, kitchen, craft room, or any other section of your house. In addition to that they can be used as both wall décor as well as storage. 

Omni Wall vs Wall Control

In terms of finding a smart storage solution for all your small-scale items, Omni Wall is a great choice. On the other hand, Wall Control offers a wide range of storage options as it takes into account all sorts of garage storage issues, both significant and small. So, let’s take a look at which wall organizer should you go for between Wall Control and Omni wall. 

Panel Construction and Thickness 

Compared to conventional pegboards, the Wall Control metal pegboard is more than ten times stronger and comes with a durable and rust-resistant finish. Moreover, the Wall Control panel comes with 20 gauge steel construction, making it a heavy-duty and industrial-grade tool storage solution.

The panel of Omni Wall pegboards is built with 18 gauge steel with a stylish powder-coated finish, providing maximum durability.

It offers over 14 square feet of wall space, and its patented, versatile metal pegboard design makes for a great storage solution.

Omni Wall vs Wall Control
Omni Wall


Wall Control metal pegboards include both slots and holes so it allows you to hang slotted tool board accessories as well as traditional 1/4″ peg board hooks, so the user has a wide range of options when selecting tool board attachments. The slotted tool board hooks come with unique engagement that increases hook security. These strong aluminum pegboard panels make it easy to store tools in any garage, shop, or tool crib. 

Due to Omni Wall’s universal design, you can mount them both horizontally and vertically. The company’s patented storage system allows you to use your old pegboard pegs along with the more secure slotted hooks, brackets, and shelving systems by Wall Control. Most quarter-inch standard pegboard accessories will be compatible with this. Moreover, if you have a special standard pegboard hook, you can use it on an Omni Wall panel as well. It can accommodate a wide range of accessories for your shops, like hooks, shelves, air tools, hand tools, mounting accessories, specialty tools, socket holders, and many more. To secure all the accessories, the Omni Wall uses a pushpin body panel clip as well as the standard ones. 


Wall Control doesn’t come in full sheets; rather, they come in little panels, making it easier to install. The corners of the panels are pre-cut for your screws so that you can mount one on each corner as well as the middle of the top and bottom sides. You don’t need any separate cleats to install the panels either. It can be mounted directly into studs or with drywall anchors using a simple drill. With a width of 16 inches, it can easily fit between the most common stud spacings.

Omni Wall vs Wall Control
wall control

The Omni Wall can be installed using the top and bottom cleats. There are many available slots in each cleat, and you can either mount them into drywall or directly into a stud in the wall with anchors and screws. Once the cleats are mounted on the wall, you can secure the panels to the cleats by using a pushpin body panel clip. 

Shades and Size

The Wall Control is available in eight different colors for the panels, and four different colors for the hooks. Moreover, the Wall Control measures around 16 inches in width and 32 inches in height.

Omni Wall comes in four different sizes, however, you can customize the size as per your requirements. In addition, they come in six different shades, including white, silver, black, blue, red, and orange. 

Quick Look At Omni Wall vs Wall Control

Here are all the key differences of Wall Control vs Omni Wall.

Omni WallWall Control
1. 18 gauge steel panel1. 20 gauge steel panel
2. Perfect for smaller items like drill bits.2. Suitable for both small and big accessories.
3. A bit complicated installation process.3. Easy installation process.
4. More Costly4. Less Costly.
Omni Wall vs Wall Control differences

Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to Omni Wall vs Wall Control, it seems like Wall Control is the clear winner. From its easy installation and durability to its versatility of allowing all sorts of pegboard accessories to mount, it’s the perfect storage solution for your workshop or garage. 

However, the Omni Wall is also a great device and accessory organizer, especially when it comes to small items like screws, bolts, and drill bits. This storage system is also ideal for storing different sizes of pliers.

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