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metmo driver

If you work in any type of repair or professional field, you presumably employ a variety of drivers every day. It could be challenging to constantly carry a whole pair of drivers, though. They make it harder for you to operate since they take up too much space and are so easy to misplace. Fortunately, pocket drives offer a means to instantly do any of your drilling jobs without any hassle. It’s convenient to have a handful of the most important tools on hand because many of these pieces of equipment are portable and versatile.

Introducing the MetMo Driver, a redesign of a classic yet old functional tool, bringing it back revitalized in the 21st century. It is a hybrid of a hand brace drill and modern ratchet screwdrivers. You can either fiddle with it or use it to loosen and drive in screws.


Weight: 320g

Size: 165 (6.5″)mm x 30mm(1.18″) x 43mm(1.70″)

Finish: Heat-treated stainless steel, hard anodized (clear or black)

Maximum Torque: 76Nm 

Materials: Hardened Martensitic Stainless Steel grade 440, hardened tool steel, Hard anodized aluminum, Brass, Plate stainless steel, and class 10.9 bolts.

Bit Size: 1/4 (6.3mm) Hex drive bits

Magnetic Socket: Yes

MetMo Driver Review

The MetMo Driver is regarded as the most satisfying driver in the world since it is small, produces a lot of torque, and is more than simply a tool. They were inspired by the alluring exposed ratchet mechanism of Conrad Baumann’s ratchet driver from the 1950s. As a result, they set out to create the most powerful and compact driver while still incorporating MetMo’s pleasure whenever practical. Let’s list all the qualities and characteristics that this MetMo Driver has that make it stand out from the competition.

MetMo Driver

Construction and Durability 

Modern ratchet screwdrivers are created on a budget as they’re mostly made of inexpensive polymers. The goal of MetMo was to create something that was wholly constructed of metal and durable enough to last for many generations. To ensure that the handle would endure arduous screwing sessions, it underwent extensive testing. The Driver’s form, in contrast to a standard screwdriver, makes it much simpler to put screws. You feel secure holding this MetMo Driver’s weight in your palm. Additionally, it puts far less strain on the wrist, preventing you from getting a scorching forearm with just one screw.

Speed and Versatility

With its arm lowered into wrench mode, the MetMo driver is capable of producing staggering 70 newton meters of torque. Additionally, it works with all commonly used detachable Hex drive bits. Your favorite international brands are among the hundreds of contemporary fixtures that MetMo Driver supports. To further expand their versatility, you can use ordinary adaptors. Its parts all fit together seamlessly. And with each turn and click, your level of enjoyment will be at its highest.

MetMo Driver

Convenient Features

This driver’s Autopilot Technology is its most distinctive feature. With the MetMo Driver’s Autopilot Tech, screws can be driven in without a pilot hole. You won’t ever peel the head of a screw again because of its unique mechanism that keeps the handle from sliding when you lean completely on the Driver. This driver comes with a handcrafted MetMo leather casing made of top-grain leather with brass fittings in place of those bulky plastic ones.


The MetMo Driver is a powerhouse that can handle everything, from driving in an unpiloted coach bolt to drilling a flawless hole with your spade drill. Unlike a regular screwdriver, the MetMo Driver allows you to fully support yourself while you drill until bedrock is reached. It functions similarly to a manual brace but is much smaller.

Wrapping Up

Thinkers, designers, engineers, and anybody else who needs some downtime to focus, unwind, or just have fun should use this driver. The MetMo Driver is a powerful, flexible instrument that is also a lot of fun to use. This compact, high-torque MetMo driver is more than just an ordinary tool. It is both a fidget toy and a tool that’ll keep you satisfied for hours on end.

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