How To Cut Marble Tile By Yourself?

Cut Marble Tile

If you are thinking of decorating your kitchen or bathrooms with a modern outlook, then marble tiles can be a great option. Besides being gorgeous, these tiles are incredibly durable and excellent in terms of insulation. However, marble tiles are typically quite expensive, and hiring an expert to set up the tiles can raise the cost further. So, you can consider setting up the tiles by yourself to minimize the overall expense significantly. 

While setting up the tiles, you may come across a common problem where you find a few gaps where an entire piece of rectangular tile won’t fit. So, you will have to cut the tile precisely to fill the gap. It might sound tricky initially, but hold on. This article will explain the whole process of cutting marble tiles in a few easy steps for you. Moreover, we will suggest some advanced tips and tricks in between so that you can cut the tile like a pro. So, let’s get started without any further delay. 

Which Saws to Use for Cutting Marble Tiles?

Cutting marble tiles is a lot more complex than cutting ceramic tiles. Just a tile nipper would be enough to split the ceramic tiles perfectly. On the other hand, cutting marble tiles requires a saw with a diamond blade and other supportive equipment. 

There are multiple types of saws available in the market that can cut a marble tile. The main go-to tools are: wet tile saw, circular saw, and angle grinder. Wet tile saws stand out as the most efficient ones on the list. In case of a big project where a lot of tiles are being cut, a wet tile saw will be the best choice. This is because it contains water that keeps the blade from heating up while cutting. Circular saws, on the other hand, are capable of cutting more rigid materials, but they can cut only straight.

So, don’t confuse circular saws with wet saws even though they both look pretty similar and work the same way. Lastly, you can also use an angle grinder to cut the marble tile as it is a much lighter machine than the other two. In addition, you can move it in any direction to cut the tile in any shape. They all perform pretty well as long as you use a diamond blade. Hence, you can work with any of them according to your convenience. 

Cut Marble Tile

Required Tools to Cut Marble Tile

  • Safety gear: mask, goggles, rubber hand gloves
  • Diamond blade
  • Damp cloth
  • Measuring tape
  • Removable marker
  • Rubbing stone

How to Cut Marble Tile by Yourself?

Before beginning your work, you should make sure that you have all the necessary equipment ready around you. Because if you have to keep looking for your tools after you start, then the whole process can get delayed. Once you have all of your essential items and tools at hand, follow the guide below.

Put on Your Safety Gear

Cutting marble tiles with any type of saw can be hazardous if you don’t take enough safety measures. When the blade cuts through the tiles, make sure to keep your eyes protected from flying splinters by wearing goggles. Plus, you also have to wear a mask before you start cutting as it produces a lot of dust that is harmful to your lungs. Moreover, the edges of the tile become very sharp when the cut is complete. So, you should consider wearing rubber gloves to protect your fingers.

Take Measurements

First of all, use the measuring tape to accurately measure the gap where you will place the tile. After that, put marks and draw lines on the tile very carefully according to the measurement. This is the most crucial part as a slight mistake in this step will result in a waste of the tile and time. Also, make sure to use a removable marker pen for drawing instead of a permanent marker, as it will end up leaving unwanted markings all over the tile. 

Set Up the Saw

To set up the saw or angle grinder, you have to first install a diamond blade with the screw that secures the blade in place. The reason behind using a diamond blade is it has a harder cutting edge that can grind through the rigid marble tiles easily. Don’t forget to tighten the screw completely after setting up the blade. If you use a circular or wet saw, you must pour cold water into its reservoir to keep the blade cool. 

Cut Marble Tile

Cut Through the Line

The blades on the saws start rotating at a very high rpm as soon as you press the start button. So, only start when you are completely ready with the tile in the accurate position. In the case of using an angle grinder, you should put the piece of tile on a 2-inch thick, tough foam or plywood for smooth cutting without damaging your work surface. Then, cut through the marked lines slowly and try to follow the lines accurately; otherwise, you may end up breaking the tile or cutting it in the wrong pattern. 

Remember to keep your fingers at a safe distance from the blade to avoid injury. After you are done cutting the tile, switch off the saw and put it aside. Finally, use a rubbing stone to smoothen all the sharp edges of the tile. It will make the tile look flawless and clean. Congratulations, now you are ready to set your tile into its designated area.

Final Thoughts 

Marble tiles are robust and pricey; thus, before you start cutting them by yourself, you must correctly understand the procedure and the safety measures. However, you are already on the right track if you read so far. We hope this article will guide you to speed up your marble-cutting project while avoiding costly mistakes. 

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