7 Different Types Of Grinding Machines And Their Uses

Different Types Of Grinding Machine

We often see carpenters or metal workers using a power tool that features rotating wheels to peel off the materials from an object’s surface. Well, they are widely known as Grinding Machines, aka Grinders in short. They are purposefully built to ensure a smoother surface and more accurate dimension, whether you are working on a wooden post or metals. However, manufacturers are coming out with different grinding machines to enable an effortless yet efficient grinding experience.

So, in this article, we will discuss the different types of Grinding Machines based on the popularity and functionality they offer. Hence you can have a closer look at them and have a clear idea of adding them to your tools collection.

Bench Grinder

First, let’s look into the bench grinder. Well, they can easily be characterized based on their bench-type shape. If you look closely, you will find the grinding wheels are secured at the top of the workbench. With two different grinding wheels, you can use one to remove materials while the other can finish the process. Because bench grinders operate manually, manufacturing workers can carry out roughing and finishing and many other operations with them.

Belt Grinder

You can easily identify a belt grinder as it features a belt sander. They are designed to remove materials from workpieces by making them into smaller pieces with a smoother desirable surface. The belt is coated in an abrasive material to run smoothly against the surface until you get the perfect result. Workers commonly use this grinder on metal workpieces as well as on other materials.

Surface Grinder

While looking through grinders, a unique type will definitely catch your eye, commonly known as a surface grinder. The distinguishing factor is that this grinder features an adjustable head that you can manually lower down to the workpiece. After lowering, you can rotate the head back and forth under its grinding wheels. Therefore, when you plan to remove materials, a surface grinder is the first choice among other grinders to remove a significant amount of materials effortlessly. 

Angle Grinder

Now comes the most popular grinder of the bunch, and they are angle grinders. These grinders are versatile tools that deliver enough power to use in various applications, such as grinding, cutting, etc. Its ability to handle different wheels and accessories makes it adaptable to match any of your Jobsite or DIY projects.

Plus, a dedicated side handle can be positioned accordingly, ensuring a better grip and a comfortable grinding experience. With a spindle lock, you can easily swap between accessories. Many modern angle grinders come with a touch-release switch to power down based on the materials you are working on. Whether you are, grinding, cutting, sharpening the surface, or even removing dust, an angle grinder does your job with ease.

Cylindrical Grinder

Let’s introduce another type of grinder, and that is the Cylindrical Grinder. The main purpose of this tool is to shape the outside of an object. It can effortlessly work on a variety of things while the object must have a central axis of rotation. For example, when using a cylindrical grinder, the workpiece, and grinding wheels rotate simultaneously whether the shape is a cylindrical, ellipse, or even a crankshaft.

With such versatility, you can carry out five types of grinding work on objects. Which are outside diameter grinding, inside diameter grinding, plunge grinding, creep feed grinding, and centerless grinding. Each type of grinding ensures you are well acquainted with your grinding job.

Tools And Cutter Grinder

Tools and Cutter Grinder: These grinding tools are different as they use a CNC machine tool and combine five or fewer axes with multiple grinding wheels. They are specifically designed to sharpen and produce milling cutters such as drills, step tools, and even endmills. If you explore through woodworking and metal-cutting industries, you will find they are widely used in both of them.

Die Grinding Machine

Apart from heavy-duty grinding machines, there is a small and more basic grinding tool, which we call a Die Grinding Machine. They are more minimalistic to handle with your hands. When you connect them to an air compressor, it generates power to spin the grinding wheels. But, of course, you can also generate power through an electric motor as well.

Grinding Machines are a popular type of power tool that effortlessly matches your grinding needs no matter which surface or material you are working on. Besides these mentioned types, there are other grinding machines such as pedestal grinding machines, flexible grinding machines, portable grinding machines, and so on, which are ready to serve your grinding needs no matter which material or surface you are working on. 

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