Are ABN Tools Any Good? The Definitive Answer!

ABN Tools

Investing in quality tools is essential for both professionals and DIYers to carry out projects with adequate speed, convenience, and accuracy. However, the cost of the tools also matter since not all handypersons require the most expensive tools to perform their daily tasks. Therefore, the goal here is to find a reliable tool brand offering products at a reasonable price while maintaining a standard of quality.

Recently, tools from ABN or Auto Body Now have created some buzz in the market. Because of the affordable prices of these tools, many are wondering, “Are ABN tools actually any good?” 

To answer shortly – while many people find the balance between the price and quality of ABN tools pretty satisfying, they also complain about its packaging and other factors like compatibility and the quality of its storage boxes. Its fast delivery service and high availability are also appreciated. Hence, whether ABN tools are good for you depends on your project, preferences, and affordability.

In this article, we will talk all about ABN tools so that you can have an in-depth idea about the company and its products. Let’s begin!

About ABN (Auto Body Now)

Auto Body Now, popularly known as ABN, is a family-owned business headquartered in Arizona, USA. Their activities are mainly focused on the Midwest. ABN is a well-known supplier of high-quality auto body components and car care products. With over 70 employees, the company earns approximately $6 million every year. Through its e-store and other sites, ABN sells over 50,000 products per month.

From complete beginners to seasoned professionals, ABN offers products that appeal to everyone. It defines itself as an “ever-expanding tool brand” that offers a wide range of tools for every auto body project requirement. Here, you will find high-quality specialty tools as well as accessories for regular maintenance. So, whether you want to give your car a dramatic upgrade or do some maintenance from time to time, ABN has got you covered.

Along with selling its own branded products, ABN works as a distributor for more than 200 renowned brands, including Milwaukee, Dewalt, 3M, Makita, Norton, Irwin, GearWrench, Wizard, Performix, etc. Although the company has a well-developed e-store, ABN also has a strong presence on other e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Aliexpress, and eBay. 

ABN prioritizes fast delivery. Thanks to its convenient location in the central United States, ABN can deliver its products all over the country much quicker than other tool brands. Moreover, it offers free shipping to customers in the Continental United States, no matter how much the order value is. All in all, ABN puts the needs of the customers first in its product development, pricing, and client support system. 

ABN Tool Products

As we have already mentioned, ABN offers a vast range of auto tools and accessories from its own brand and others. It sells various auto body supplies, maintenance kits, and other necessary car products.

Automotive tools from ABN include bearing separators, heating pads, ball joint separators, axle nut sockets, crimpers, electric hydraulic jacks, puller tools, pressure and fluid testers, pipe expanders, hangers, the driver sets, compressor tools, screw extractors, bumper clips, brake kits, and many others.

ABN also sells hand tools that include wrench sets, hammer sets, nippers, seamers, mallets, punches, chisels, cutters, pliers, files, etc. However, the company’s sockets and bits are the most popular among its customers. Such sets include comprehensive collections of driver bits, Torx bit sockets, impact sockets, line sockets, lug nut sockets, drill bit extensions, socket extensions, hex sockets, and the like.

In addition, ABN offers a wide range of tools for wheel and tire removal, installation, and maintenance. For vehicle care and repair, ABN sells test kits, flush machines, gauge sets, trim removal kits, tie rods, and many other relevant products. Moreover, you will find all kinds of paints and supplies you need to give your car your preferred makeover, along with internal and external accessories. And if you need some well-designed organizers to keep your products safe and accessible, you will find them at ABN as well.

ABN Tools

Pros and Cons of ABN Tools

Now that you have an understanding of the ABN brand and its tools, you may be wondering about its product quality, pricing, and other aspects. After going through lots of reviews for different ABN tools on multiple e-commerce sites, we have identified the following advantages and disadvantages of using ABN tools. Take a look!


  • Reasonable prices
  • High-quality materials and robust construction of most products
  • User-friendly designs
  • Contains products for handypersons of all levels
  • Fast delivery anywhere in the USA
  • Both the tools and consumables are designed to withstand heavy usage and extreme conditions
  • Superior functionality
  • Amazing durability


  • Have issues with the dimensions of some tools, especially those in sets
  • Adaptability and compatibility issues with a few car and auto component models
  • Poor quality packaging
  • Hard-to-read labels and markings
  • Flimsy storage cases of some tool sets

Final Verdict

All things considered, ABN offers some of the best deals on the tool market for all DIYers, auto mechanics, automotive engineers, and other enthusiasts. It provides excellent build quality and durability at affordable prices. Plus, ABN offers fast deliveries, which are also free in select regions. 

However, the tools and accessories show some issues when it comes to compatibility and quality of packaging and storage cases. If you are not too concerned about these extra peripherals, you can invest in some ABN tools to test them by yourself and see if they can get your job done well. 

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