What Type Of Blade Do You Need To Cut Clay Pipes?

Cut Clay Pipe

Cutting through a clay pipe is a pretty complicated task, and without the right tools, it can often lead to broken blades and frustration. Clay pipes are hard to score and snap, making them very difficult to cut through. These pipes are often used for drainage and sewage systems thanks to their robust and long-lasting characteristics.

Moreover, they are tough to crack, so breaking them apart is also very challenging. This brings us to one important question – what type of blade to cut clay pipe? And how can you cut clay pipes without shattering or damaging them? That’s exactly what we are going to find out.

What Blade Should You Use To Cut Clay Pipe?

Clay pipes can be cut using a variety of blades. Carbide-tipped blades and diamond-tipped blades are the most commonly used. These blades are designed to effortlessly cut through ceramic materials. 

The size and thickness of the clay pipe you’re cutting will determine the sort of blade you’ll require. It’s recommended to use a metal-cutting blade while working with a thinner pipe. However, for cutting thicker clay pipes, you need precise and high-quality cuts, that’s why a diamond-tipped blade would be an ideal choice here. This blade features a continuous rim of diamond particles that are created specifically for cutting hard ceramic goods. 

You can also use a chain cutter or pipe trimmer. However, a powered masonry saw is highly recommended as it’s more safe, fast, and more effective. Many individuals equip their circular saw with a carbide-tipped tooth blade while working with a clay pipe. Compared to diamond-tipped blades, they are not ideal, but they can get the job done. 

Although diamond-tipped blades are more expensive, they will last longer and can withstand grueling cutting tasks, especially when you’re cutting through materials like clay pipe. A solid diamond-tipped blade should be able to cut about 70 pieces of 225mm pipes throughout the course of its lifetime, hence, making up for its high initial cost.

How To Cut A Clay Pipe Without Breaking It?

Now that you know what type of blade you need to cut clay pipes, you might as well learn the process of cutting them. Here are some tips that you can use to cut clay pipes without damaging them.

  • The pipe must first be scored. For this, you’ll need a pipe cutter or a sharp knife. Draw a line around the pipe at about 1″ from the end you wish to cut. As you score the pipe, use consistent and firm pressure.
  • The scored line should be facing up once the pipe has been laid out on a stable surface. Position the diamond-tipped blade on an angle grinder, so the blade is perpendicular to the cutting line.
  • Guide the blade around the circumference of the pipe slowly and with caution. Avoid exerting excessive pressure, which could possibly lead to the blade breaking or slipping.
  • To cut around the complete diameter of a bigger pipe, you might need to make repeated cuts.
  • After cutting through the pipe, round the edges off using a file or piece of sandpaper.

Apart from an angle grinder, you can also use a hacksaw to cut clay pipes as well. Always use safety goggles and a dust mask when cutting clay pipes to protect yourself against flying debris. In order to prevent damaging the pipe or hurting yourself, cut gently and cautiously.

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