Porter Cable 7800 vs Wen DW6394 Drywall Sander

Porter Cable 7800 vs Wen DW6394 Drywall Sander

Whether you need to take on any wall sanding to make your dream home, a drywall sander stays aside to save you from going the extra mile. However, when it comes to investing in a drywall sander, professionals have to go through uncertainty to get the best one from tons of brands. Well, when you look out the market, you will often come across two brands: the Porter cable and Wen tools. From the very beginning of 1906, Porter-cable started its journey as a jobbing machine and tool shop.

Since then, they are holding the topmost position in the power tools industry with innovation and availability. On the other hand, Wen tools were founded by Nick Anton back in 1951 and have consistently brought high-quality and affordable power tools for decades.

Porter Cable vs Wen Drywall Sander

Although both the power tools brands have a rich history and proven performance focused on innovation and technology, we are going to show you a constant comparison of Porter Cable 7800 vs Wen DW6394 drywall sander in order to give you the exact idea of which one will bang for your buck! 

Sanding Power

Let’s start the comparison with the sanding power these two sander offers. The Porter-Cable 7800 delivers a maximum of 4.7 Amps of sanding power and will allow you to adjust the speed between 1400 and 2000 RPM, making your task more efficient and improved. 

In contrast, the Wen DW6394 runs on a 6.3-Amp Mid-mounted motor and comes with a variable speed dial setting that allows you to control the rotations from 1000 to 2450 RPM. Thus, you’ll get reliable and dynamic power for a better sanding experience. So, the Wen DW6394 notched up in terms of power. 

Porter Cable 7800 Drywall Sander
Porter Cable 7800 Drywall Sander

Sanding Head

After discussing the power, the foremost part we need to focus on is the sanding head of both tools. Well, the Porter-Cable 7800 features a 9 inches diameter sanding head that can easily move in multiple directions and reach all confined spaces to bring the best outcomes to your walls.

Meanwhile, the extension handle makes polishing ceilings and other top corners a breeze. Meanwhile, the Wen DW6394 comes with a pivoting 8.5-inch head that swivels in all directions and goes where no sander has gone before. Plus, it automatically adjusts to be flush against every surface that crosses its path. So in terms of the sanding head and its efficiency, both drywall sanders hold similarities and match the step to convenience. 

Wen DW6394 Drywall Sander
Wen DW6394 Drywall Sander

Weight, Hose, And Comfort

Both of the tools are designed to offer the best way of comfort to the users. The Porter-Cable sander weighs only 8.5 pounds takes minimal effort to operate and has a one-and-one-fourth inch vacuum hose that is 13 feet long, so you can remove potentially harmful dust and sand large walls in one setup. Alternately, the Wen drywall sander comes with a weight of 9.7 pounds which weighs more than the 7800 but has a 15-feet dust hose that maximizes dust collection and comfort. 

Price And Availability 

Price tag and availability are the basic concerns of a professional when purchasing a tool. Though both of the drywall sanders are available in their official stores, they come with an individual price tag. However, the  Wen DW6394 is way less pricer than the Porter-Cable 7800, but both are on the same track of efficiency. So if you’re on a tight budget, you may go for the Wen drywall sander. 

Final Verdict

After discussing all the elements, we can say both the Porter-Cable and Wen drywall sanders hold some true-beneficial qualities that will meet every sanding need. Though these two drywall sander has some pricing dissimilarities, you can choose both depending on your budget and take yourself one step further to your dream home!

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