Milwaukee vs Dewalt Impact Driver | Which Is The Best?

Milwaukee vs Dewalt Impact Driver

It’s no secret that Milwaukee and Dewalt are the two most renowned brands in the power tools industry. And for a professional tradesperson, an impact driver is a must-have power tool for tightening and fastening tasks! Among these two brands, we want to highlight some major aspects of their impact drivers. 

For this comparison, we’ve chosen the Milwaukee 2857, the latest addition to Milwaukee’s impact driver line-up, and the Dewalt DCF850B. We will evaluate these two cordless impact drivers in terms of their power, speed, runtime, design, and a few other important aspects. So, let’s dive in and see which one comes out on top! 


Despite its compact form factor, the Milwaukee 2857 boasts a powerful brushless motor that produces up to 2000 in-pounds of torque and ensures 30% faster-driving speed with four custom drive control modes. On the other hand, the Dewalt DCF850B puts up a tough fight as it is capable of producing 1825 in-pounds of torque and 3250 RPM with 3-speed settings. Although there’s a bit of a gap in the power of the two, Dewalt’s speed-setting system more than makes up for it. Hence, when it comes to the overall performance, there isn’t much that can separate the two.

Milwaukee vs Dewalt Impact Driver
Milwaukee 2857

Weight And Size

Whether you’re a professional handyman or DIY’er, you should never overlook the weight and size of a tool. We all know that a tool with perfect ergonomics makes tasks less stressful and enhances productivity. And with a length of less than 4-inch and 1/4-inch hex, this Dewalt impact driver can handle tight applications like narrow cabinetry or framing without ever needing any additional tools. In contrast, the Milwaukee driver comes with a similar hex size and has a length of 4.59 inches, which means it will also give you the freedom to work in tight spaces. And as for the weight, both these tools are quite lightweight as well. So, it’s a draw again! 

Battery And Runtime

Now that we have talked about the size and weight, let’s shed some light on their overall runtime. Packed with Milwaukee’s M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 battery, 2857 ensures more work per charge with consistent energy till the last minute. And the Redlink Plus intelligence tool technology protects the tool from overloads, heating, and over-discharge. Meanwhile, the Dewalt DCF850B runs on its 20-volt battery and does not sacrifice power for a wide array of jobs. So, picking one among these two is crucial, as both assure corresponding performance on every project. 

Other Features

Every prominent tool brand adds innovative features that differentiate its products from the rest. And the Milwaukee impact driver has something unique for you too, the One-Key technology! It provides you with the ability to track, customize, and manage for increased productivity and investment protection. But, Dewalt has fallen behind in this segment. It doesn’t mean you have to compromise on precision or accuracy. Instead, you’ll get affluent outcomes from the Dewalt driver. And a thing worth mentioning, both drivers have built-in LEDs that will be a good assistant in dim, lowlight areas. 

Milwaukee vs Dewalt Impact Driver
Dewalt DCF850B

Price and availability 

Price and availability are major concerns for those who are interested in getting these tools. You can get these tools from the brands’ official stores, Amazon, or from physical hardware stores. As for the price, the Milwaukee 2857 is a bit more expensive than the Dewalt DCF850B, which can also play a part in the buying decision.

Final Verdict

After reviewing and analyzing all the major aspects of these tools, we’ve concluded that both the Milwaukee 2857 and Dewalt DCF850B holds true beneficial features and qualities that will meet every professional’s need. Although they have some price dissimilarities, we can assure you neither will disappoint you in any way. 

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