Lawn Edger vs String Trimmer | Which One Is The Best?

Lawn Edger vs String Trimmer

When you are out for a morning walk, a clean and smooth walkway through the lawn side will catch your attention. But have you ever wondered what keeps them in such pristine condition? Well, the answer is Lawn Edger and String Trimmer that professionals use to keep the lawn in such conditions. Due to similarities in Jobsite, many of you may confuse one with the other one. Eventually, it raises a question about which of these tools is better for a lawn maintenance job. With that in mind, in this article, we are going to discuss in depth between Lawn Edger and String Trimmer so that you can have a clear idea before your next purchase.

Lawn Edger

First, let’s get a closer view of Lawn Edger. A lawn edger is often called a lawn trimmer which basically trims your lawn and draws boundaries on the edge. This tool is used to create a barrier between your walkway and the grass. As grass tends to grow pretty quickly, this tool lets you keep an optimal state to ensure that your walkway is not unkempt and overgrown.

Lawn Edger vs String Trimmer

String Trimmer

On the other hand, a string trimmer is often recognized as a weed wacker to trim grasses and even remove weeds from hard-to-reach places. Because they are too portable and mobile, you can easily reach grass around trees, houses, buildings, and other obstructions.

Lawn Edger vs String Trimmer

Functionality Discussion

In terms of functionality, Lawn Edgers use a spinning blade to cut cleanly through the grass to give sharp and clear boundaries. You can choose between motorized and manual operation for such tools. When you use a motorized one, you will generally have a guiding wheel and a rotating blade that easily rolls along the boundary of the lawn. In case you are using the manual one, you can customize the spade tool based on your preference. Motorized ones are more convenient than manual ones as they let you do the job easily and efficiently without much manual labor.

On the contrary, the String Trimmers are made of a flexible non-filament line, which allows you to reach difficult spots and cut grass effortlessly. They can be powered by gasoline or even electricity based on which model you are using. Perspective electric ones can be corded, cordless, and battery-powered. Well, if you own a huge lawn or work in a large park-type lawn, then an electric and powerful trimmer is a better option than any standard option.

If you intend on creating a new boundary in your yard or keep an edge defined in the park, then nothing can beat the use of a lawn edger.

On the other hand, if you take a further step of maintaining the existing boundary in the yard or clear areas of weed and grass where your lawnmower is unable to reach, in that case, a string trimmer is your idle choice.

Lawn Edger and String Trimmer both ensure a smoother and more efficient lawn maintenance job. Though they have a similar work output, there remains a slight yet major difference that depends solely on what purpose you are willing to use them. In order to stay a step ahead of what you may need in the future, get your hands on atop-quality lawn edger as well as a string trimmer. Hence you can combine them both and get the best out of your lawn maintenance Job.

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