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Remove A Broken Drill Bit

What could be more frustrating than a drill bit breaking in the middle of work? We know that drill bits are usually made from very strong steel so that they can penetrate through almost any surface like wood, fiber, metal, and concrete. However, if you continue drilling for a long time, the drill bit gets hot and there is a chance that it may break.

So, what can you do if your drill bit breaks? No matter your level of expertise, it is not uncommon to find yourself in such an annoying situation. If you have faced this before, have no worries as this post will demonstrate how you can easily pull out the broken drill bit and continue with your work.

Ways Of Removing The Broken Drill Bit

The two most effective and efficient ways of pulling out a broken drill bit are using locking pliers and extractors. These methods are also cost-effective and user-friendly. 

Locking Pliers

We all have a clear idea about what locking pliers can do. Pulling a broken drill bit with a plier is a great hack. First, you can try clamping the pliers onto the drill bit end and twisting the pliers counterclockwise to pull the drill bit out. If it comes out then we are good to go, but sometimes you can fall into a situation where you won’t be able to get a good grip on the bit to twist it.

In such cases, take a chisel and try to cut a small recessed area around the bit. The cutout should be convenient enough so you can lock the plier to the drill bit tip. Now, turn the pliers counterclockwise to remove the bit.

See how easy it is to remove broken drill bit tips from any surface using pliers! But this process will work only if there is a way for the plier to grip the bit tip.

Remove A Broken Drill Bit


Drill bit extractors are professionally used worldwide to remove broken drill bits. To use the drill bit extractor on a broken drill bit, we need to follow a line of procedures. First, make a divot in the middle of the broken bit with a hammer. Before drilling through the drill bit, this small divot will keep your drilling point straight. 

Select a more powerful drill bit with a small diameter. Use drilling or cutting lubricate before drilling. Now line up the drill bit with a divot and start drilling through the broken bit. Initially drill slowly and speed up gradually. Make sure to drill a hole within ⅛’’ to ¼’’, or else a deeper hole may break apart the broken bit and it can be hard to pull out. 

After finishing, insert a screw extractor inside the hole and turn counterclockwise. Put enough pressure where needed and eventually, you’ll be able to pull out the broken bit. 

How To Prevent The Bit from Breaking?

Though drill bits are tough to break, they aren’t everlasting. They can be broken off for two main reasons – deflective breakage and twisted breakage. In deflective breakage, the bit breaks off at the end of the tip when radial force is applied. In twisted breakage, the drill bit breaks off in the middle due to heavy torque. So our main goal is to work in such a way that there is no damage to the tools or parts.

Remove A Broken Drill Bit

Cutting oil or lubrication should be used before drilling. This will give you a smooth drilling experience. If the drilling is smooth, then the drilling bit will not get hot, and the chances of the bit breaking will be greatly reduced.

Along with that, there are also some other things to keep in mind such as – the drill should slide in enough inside the drill machine and the chuck should be tightened as much as possible. You shouldn’t put pressure on the machine from the beginning. Instead, you should start slowly and increase the pressure gradually. You should also give the drill machine time to cool down during work. If you follow these instructions, you can easily avoid any accidents. 

Frequently Asked Question

How to remove drill bits from metal?

Metal surfaces are very hard to drill through. So, there are special drill bits designed to work on such challenging surfaces. If you have a broken bit inside of a metal, try to weld a rod at a 90-degree angle on the drill bit top. We will use this rod as a lever. Pull the lever forcefully until the bit comes out. 

Can I drill into a broken drill bit?

Yes, you can! Take a smaller-sized bit than the broken one. Use lube oil while drilling because it will help to drill more easily. Then, select the drilling point with a divot and start drilling slowly. It’s as simple as that! 

What is the best way to remove a broken drill bit?

The methods explained above are the best way. If the bit tip is in a position where you can get a grip with pliers, then you don’t have to take the hassle of using a drilling machine. On the other hand, drilling is the best way to remove the bit with no edge to hold. 

Final Thoughts

As a power tool, the drill machine is an outstanding instrument to make holes in any surface. Unfortunately, while working with an automated power tool, issues like broken drill bits are quite common. Thankfully, now you have an idea about how to deal with such situations. And always make sure to wear protective goggles and gloves before working as it can save you from unexpected accidents.

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