How To Choose A Sander For Woodworking?

Sander For Woodworking

Sanding wood makes your wooden things smooth and beautiful to give a friendly touch. But hand sanding is tiresome, length worthy, and it is not precise. If you get inattentive, the stroke can make a permanent spot on the stuff, and the sanding process takes time. In this case, using a sanding tool will be easy and efficient as they work faster. But those sanders come in different models and sizes, which are challenging to pick from.

How To Choose A Sander?

Since every object has different shapes and surfaces, you need to buy a sander to look at the demand for your work. Depending on the job and space, more than eight types of sanders are available in the market. As well as each type of sander has a different purpose, we have explained what types of sanders are needed in which circumstances.

Belt Sander: For Large Work Areas

If you work in a workshop with large wood planks, Belt Sander is a productive tool for you. Because it is equipped with a motor and two drums, which revolve around a large belt of sandpaper to polish the long surface at high speed, so, the larger the belt is, the more area it will cover. Admittedly this sander is so powerful that it needs experienced hands to operate perfectly to avoid wounds on the surface.

Disc Sander: For Curved Sanding

Next to that, we have a Disc sander which is lightweight and compact, so that you can use them for several purposes. Like a drill, Disc Sander revolves around a wheel of sandpaper at a higher force. Furthermore, some variants of disk sanders have flexible discs that can bend while rotating to adjust the curved shape of the wood. That means it gives more control and balance to your work.

Orbital Sander: For Small Finishing

When you are a beginner, or you have to work on sensitive projects like a billiard table, you can have an orbital sander for its excellent merits. Though it feels similar to the disc sanders, its head spins like a precise orbit so that you can have an evenly clean work experience. Overall, this sander is suited for cleaning putty, smothering surfaces, and other tiny grindings.

Detail Sander: For Sensitive Corners

At first glance, the Detail sander looks like a simple cloth iron for its triangle head. But its sneaking advantages are far beyond its look. As a result, this sander can go into the deepest corners that other sanders cannot reach. Then, this sander will let you fine-tune the narrow sides and pockets of planks with constant vibration. In addition, this sander has a vacuum to suck all the dust for your ease.

Drywall Sander: For Wall Cleaning

This specially built-sander is used to clean adhesives from new and old walls. Also, this sander is much more expensive than other sanders for its mechanism to keep balance and suck dust under its rectangular sanding surface. So, if your work is related to walls, this will be useful to you.

Oscillating Sander

Next, the oscillating sander can help you smoothen the edges of the long planks for its form factor because the sander has a drum rolled with sandpaper which rises from the top and demolishes the stains. On some points, you can call it a stationary belt sander because of its similar capability, but the oscillating sander works differently for its built design. So, if you have a furniture workshop, it will come in your favor.

Floor Sander: For Concrete And Wooden Floors

If you need a dedicated tool to smoothen your room floor, this sander will let you do it. But, as this is a heavy sander, you may need someone else with you to operate it. Thus it produces a tremendous amount of power so you have to be careful while sanding.

Bow Sander: For Tiny Crafts

Bow sanders will do your job if you need to use a very tiny force on your work because this sander is the most simple and small. This nonmechanical sander has two sides that create a soft tension to the attached sandpaper. Like a hex blade, this sander may help you apply lower force to your miniature crafts. As a result, the objects won’t have harsh strokes.


These are all the aspects that will make you a pro in choosing the perfect sander for your work for increasing efficiency and comfort.

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