Hilti Nuron Power Tools And Battery Technology

Hilti Nuron Power Tools

Hilti is a 75 years old power tool company in Liechtenstein. To dominate the power tools industry, they are committed to bringing their every product through world-class research, software, service, and support. Bringing innovative solutions for fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond coring and cutting, measuring, and all, Hilti makes construction simpler, safer, and quicker.

At the end of 2021, Hilti arranged an event in Switzerland to introduce Hilti Nuron battery technology and its updated power tools. According to pro tool reviews, Hilti invited a dozen power tool enthusiasts, including Pro Tool Reviews, and came up with about 70 new tools at the event. Though Hilti mainly arranged the event to inform us about the new Nuron battery technology, most power tools featured brushless motors.

Hilti Nuron batteries come with a completely new design, allowing you to get more runtime, reliability, and power. Hilti Nuron technology is an ultimate 22 Volt platform that will ensure you get corded-like performance with cordless convenience. To get a clear concept of how this new technology improves your construction, be with us until the end of the video, as we will show you a detailed discussion on Hilti Nuron power tools and battery technology just for you. 

Hilti Nuron Battery Technology

Let’s take a look at the heart of these batteries and see what makes them unique. Well, Hilti Nuron batteries are powered by high-quality 21700 and 18650 lithium-ion cells that individually generate up to 22 volts in various capacities. However, these batteries use a combination of 22 volts and two 22-volt configurations, letting you tackle both handheld and larger power tools and equipment. In addition, these batteries go beyond industry standards due to their new high-performance interface, while the ultra-robust glass fiber housing and external shock-absorbing bumpers provide drop resistance and extra protection even in the toughest conditions. 

Hilti Nuron Power Tools

Coming with a quick checking system of battery health, Hilti always lets you know how much power you have left to complete your job. Just simply press the button and hold for 3 seconds. If it indicates the green light, it means everything is good, and your battery is operating as expected. If it shows yellow, meaning there are some issues, the battery pack may be too hot, too cold, or overloaded. And if there is any problem or the battery needs to be replaced, you’ll get red indications immediately.

Hilti Nuron batteries come in at least four variants and differ a lot from the previous 18 and 22-volt packs in many ways. These batteries combine new battery cells with an advanced heat system and the latest connection interface, which allows them to use much larger contact areas and thicker wires with more efficient welds.

This powerful 22-volt cordless battery platform provides gas and corded-like power and amazing compatibility with up to 72 volts of performance, offering a fully-connected experience to each construction professional. In addition, Hilti Nuron battery technology deals a lot with data transmission, primarily between the tool, battery, charger, and the cloud. Therefore, Hilti wanted to do more than create a new battery by offering high performance, health, and safety standards in Nuron’s technology. 

Hilti Power Tools

Hilti came up with a new line of about 70 power tools at their last event, and consumers are upgrading their construction tools by adopting new game-changers. Hilti is powered by the Nuron 22-volt battery and introduced their new heavy-duty concrete breakers, saws, angle grinders, drills, large combi-hammers, and many more brushless tools. These tools offer gas and corded-like power with up to 72-volt performance and provide standout runtime with constant power till finishing the job. In addition, with highly-improved ergonomics and more speed, each power tool ensures better working comfort with a faster working experience. 

Hilti Nuron Power Tools

Hilti Nuron power tools combine safety and healthy features with the dust removal system for all kinds of applications, letting the user have the best Jobsite facilities without any compromises. Plus, they are packed with a bunch of innovative solutions like the vibration reduction system for maintaining the standard of operations, active torque control for precise results, and SenseTech technology that tackles the toughest work situations. 

As Hilti concentrated on ergonomics, weight, and durability when designing their new line of Nuron tools, let’s have a glimpse of some key products introduced at the event. One of the most powerful tools in Hilti’s new line-up is their TE 2000-22 breaker hammer, a T-designed low-weight tool for perfect handling in floor-breaking tasks. Running on a pair of Nuron 22volt batteries, this hammer offers a substantial runtime to easily get a good amount of work done. 

After the hammer, we will talk about Hilti Nuron technology’s new cordless hammer drill driver, the SF 6H-22, a top-grade hammer drill that features active torque control and advanced ergonomics for universal drilling and driving on wood, metal, and masonry. With a maximum torque of 752-inch pounds and a no-load speed of up to 2000 RPM, it assures an ultimate solution for drilling and driving. 

Next, the new cut-off saw of Hilti Nuron, the DSH 600-22, is the most heavy-duty battery-powered cordless cut-off saw that reduces all portability issues and tackles concrete, metal, and masonry cutting easily. In addition, the two sets of batteries let the user cut more concrete and materials at their job site. Offering better maneuverability and improved safety features, this cordless cut-off saw has the industry-leading capacity to meet all needs. 

Lastly, Hilti Nuron battery technology and power tools have numerous innovative qualities. This increases your productivity and lets you work daily on job sites, tackle health and safety challenges, and manage all businesses. As a result, you will get the power and confidence to be safer, smarter, and more efficient. 

Final Thoughts

Hilti confirmed that they will provide all possible support to customers who want to have a neuron implant technology at their door. This service will be rolled out globally in 2022. Naturally, it is much more optimized and massive than any other battery power support system. After the global launch in 2023, this technology is expected to have a good impact on the tools industry.

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